International Healthcare Charity - remote screening

Local pre-natal scanning is saved to local server. Saved files are 3-D and HD, so extremely large and contain personal data so cannot be transferred. Skilled professionals on another continent quickly and easily access the information, analyse the files and report, with no user or technical challenges or violation of privacy.

University Research Department - remote access

British University large systems research department offers mega-computer access to clients. Until now, for intensive applications like CAD and analysis, only local access is possible, due to lag. V-Streamer enables secure remote access to large complex systems with minimal latency, from any HTML-5 browser. So the University can allow academics around the world to contribute to local research without travelling.

Geological Analysis on the Cloud

Geological Analysis has always been very compute-intensive and the applications required are extremely expensive. This is an industry that is ripe for cloudification, and use-based pricing. Now V-Streamer makes this possible, as our cliient is offering SAAS including compute power, applications and access to proprietary data at an hourly rate, saving companies a fortune in CAPEX, and eliminating multiple instances of under-utilized infrastructure and applications.

Cloud Service Provider

Innovative CSP is using V-Streamer to allow clients to access their own applications and data faster, more securely, with better response times and UX, while eliminating geographical compliance concerns. This is invaluable for clients who use compute-intensive legacy applications that are designed to be accessed locally.


Central UK Government CTO -


 "V-Streamer is the Holy Grail - a true zero-footprint client"

Magic Circle IT Director -


"V-Streamer looks so good, we would be crazy not to use it"

University - Director of Technology


"V-Streamer empowers the endpoint, expanding our ability to work"

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