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V-Streamer will deliver :

  • Secure desktop virtualisation
  • Same-day Cloud enablement
  • Ultra-Low Latency (Patented)
  • Seamless, secure Co-working on ANY app
  • Virus-free browsing
  • BYOD - in one day
  • Instant and easy Virtual Reality

V-Streamer will improve :

  • Data Security
  • Endpoint Security
  • Threat protection
  • Geographical Compliance
  • User Experience
  • User Efficiency & Satisfaction

V-Streamer will reduce :

  • Risk of Viruses
  • Risk of being hacked
  • Risk of lost data with endpoint
  • Cost of endpoints
  • Network costs
  • Storage costs
  • Maintenance and support 

V-Streamer live demo

V-Streamer uses minimal bandwidth. So V-Streamer can substantially improve security and User Eperience, while simultaneously cutting costs.

How can V-Streamer help you?

I am a CFO

V-Streamer enables large reductions in cost of endpoints, storage and networks

I am a CSO

Because V-Streamer cannot transmit any files, it is incapable of transmitting malware or viruses

I am a CIO

V-Streamer enables instant low-maintenance and extremely low latency BYOD and instant Cloudification of any legacy application

I am a COO

V-Streamer desktop virtualisation gives a better User eXperience while reducing Risk and Costs

I am a Team Manager

V-Streamer delivers very low latency access, so remote users enjoy using it. No training required

I am in FinTech

V-Streamer offers secure, compliant and efficient access to server apps with no user training, no maintenance and zero footprint

V-Streamer Product Details

V-Streamer Features and Benefits

  • Fast to install and setup = no large capital investments or lengthy projects
  • Linear scalability - secure remote access starting from a single licence
  • Zero training - V-Streamer delivers your current environment remotely = no user training
  • User Experience - no data transmitted, so excellent UX, low latency, especially with bulky desktop apps and large files
  • BYOD - no specific user setup, different versions or maintenance required
  • Reduce endpoint Costs - any workload can be run equally on Chrome, Windows, IOS or Linux desktops
  • Network Costs - V-Streamer transfers only pixels, never data - delivering substantial savings
  • Endpoint Security - data can never be intercepted in transit or lost on an endpoint
  • Compliance - V-Streamer never allows any data to leave the server = GDPR Chapter 5 compliance
  • Server Security - V-Streamer can never transmit or execute any file, malware or virus
  • Threat protection - hackers encounter a hostile environment - non standard environment, no data, no address lists
  • KIOSK mode - V-Streamer can refuse any keyboard input = extremely secure

V-Streamer Business Deliverables

  • Desktop Virtualisation - quick, easy and scalable
  • Instant Cloudification: Install non-cloud apps on the cloud, instantly
  • Remote Co-working: Instant, seamless, low latency, secure, zero footprint
  • Virus-Protection: (Browse-in-the-Cloud) zero file transfer means no executables
  • Server Security: Transfers pixels, not data. No data ever transferred across the internet. Non-standard language, refuses to run malicious files
  • Endpoint Security: Zero footprint, so no cookies, no history. No data transfer, so no remote download/save/print/copy/forward
  • Compliance: No data ever leaves host server so total geographical compliance
  • Eliminates duplication: no data transfer so no duplication, version control means reduced storage, backups, network traffic
  • Network Efficiency: Low, predictable bandwidth requirement allows access in remote areas with poor connectivity
  • BYOD: Chrome, OSX, Windows, Linux all treated the same. Zero footprint, no conflicts, no endpoint maintenance, extremely low latency
  • Malware Protection: V-Streamer can't save, transmit or execute ANY data, so zero executables

V-Streamer - FAQ

  • How was V-Streamer developed? V-Streamer has been developed over 5 years by a specialist team with an investment of millions of dollars.
  • Why is V-Streamer more secure? V-Streamer is incapable of transmitting data, only the pixels that make up your screen. It has no capability to pass any data in either direction.
  • What resources does V-Streamer require? V-Streamer loads as a small application onto the server. Click to download, click to run.
  • How long does it take to implement V-Streamer? A single server should take less than one hour for the first implementation.
  • How does V-Streamer compare to traditional desktop virtualisation products? V-Streamer is unique in that it replaces Client-Server architecture with a patented, Zero-Footprint Browser-Server technology.
  • How is V-Streamer licenced? One licence per concurrent seat, paid monthly in arrears.
  • Which of my current security products can V-Streamer replace? V-Streamer is an extremely secure way to access server data, but it is not a security system. We recommend you maintain your current security environment, V-Streamer will work alongside any current security measures.
  • Why is V-Streamer good for Business? Easy to install, easy to use, scalable, zero user training, zero maintenance, extremely low latency, cost savings and improved remote and host security and geographical compliance.


Central UK Government CTO -

 "This is the Holy Grail - a true zero-footprint client"

Magic Circle IT Director -

"This looks so good, we would be crazy not to test it"

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