FAQ and Applications

How can V-Streamer help you?

I am a CFO

V-Streamer enables large reductions in cost of endpoints, storage and networks

I am a CSO

Because V-Streamer cannot transmit any files, it is incapable of transmitting malware or viruses

I am a CIO

V-Streamer enables instant low-maintenance and extremely low latency BYOD and instant Cloudification of any legacy application

I am a COO

V-Streamer desktop virtualisation gives a better User eXperience while reducing Risk and Costs

I am a Team Manager

V-Streamer delivers very low latency access, so remote users enjoy using it. No training required

I am in FinTech

V-Streamer offers secure, compliant and efficient access to server apps with no user training, no maintenance and zero footprint

V-Streamer Product Details

V-Streamer Features and Benefits

  • Fast to install and setup = no large capital investments or lengthy projects
  • Linear scalability - secure remote access starting from a single licence
  • Zero training - V-Streamer delivers your current environment remotely = no user training
  • User Experience - no data transmitted, so excellent UX, low latency, especially with bulky desktop apps and large files
  • BYOD - no specific user setup, different versions or maintenance required
  • Reduce endpoint Costs - any workload can be run equally on Chrome, Windows, IOS or Linux desktops
  • Network Costs - V-Streamer transfers only pixels, never data - delivering substantial savings
  • Endpoint Security - data can never be intercepted in transit or lost on an endpoint
  • Compliance - V-Streamer never allows any data to leave the server = GDPR Chapter 5 compliance
  • Server Security - V-Streamer can never transmit or execute any file, malware or virus
  • Threat protection - hackers encounter a hostile environment - non standard environment, no data, no address lists
  • KIOSK mode - V-Streamer can refuse any keyboard input = extremely secure

V-Streamer Business Deliverables

  • Desktop Virtualisation - quick, easy and scalable
  • Instant Cloudification: Install non-cloud apps on the cloud, instantly
  • Remote Co-working: Instant, seamless, low latency, secure, zero footprint
  • Virus-Protection: (Browse-in-the-Cloud) zero file transfer means no executables
  • Server Security: Transfers pixels, not data. No data ever transferred across the internet. Non-standard language, refuses to run malicious files
  • Endpoint Security: Zero footprint, so no cookies, no history. No data transfer, so no remote download/save/print/copy/forward
  • Compliance: No data ever leaves host server so total geographical compliance
  • Eliminates duplication: no data transfer so no duplication, version control means reduced storage, backups, network traffic
  • Network Efficiency: Low, predictable bandwidth requirement allows access in remote areas with poor connectivity
  • BYOD: Chrome, OSX, Windows, Linux all treated the same. Zero footprint, no conflicts, no endpoint maintenance, extremely low latency
  • Malware Protection: V-Streamer can't save, transmit or execute ANY data, so zero executables

V-Streamer - FAQ

  • How was V-Streamer developed? V-Streamer has been developed over 5 years by a specialist team with an investment of millions of dollars.
  • Why is V-Streamer more secure? V-Streamer is incapable of transmitting data, only the pixels that make up your screen. It has no capability to pass any data in either direction.
  • What resources does V-Streamer require? V-Streamer loads as a small application onto the server. Click to download, click to run.
  • How long does it take to implement V-Streamer? A single server should take less than one hour for the first implementation.
  • How does V-Streamer compare to traditional desktop virtualisation products? V-Streamer is unique in that it replaces Client-Server architecture with a patented, Zero-Footprint Browser-Server technology.
  • How is V-Streamer licenced? One licence per concurrent seat, paid monthly in arrears.
  • Which of my current security products can V-Streamer replace? V-Streamer is an extremely secure way to access server data, but it is not a security system. We recommend you maintain your current security environment, V-Streamer will work alongside any current security measures.
  • Why is V-Streamer good for Business? Easy to install, easy to use, scalable, zero user training, zero maintenance, extremely low latency, cost savings and improved remote and host security and geographical compliance.